Logo Rebranding

Hello puppies and non-puppies!
Have you noticed any changes?

Well, if you haven't guessed, we'll tell you straight out! We've redesigned our logo a little bit! To see the difference, here is "before" and "after".

What do you think? This doggy became bigger, didn't he? Do feel like touching his biceps even more?
From a distance, it looks more majestic. The new logo will be used on all social media and games from now on. And, of course, on the future merch! I guess, it's not bad to dream : )

There's more pleasant stuff coming soon, so wait for the news. Stefan also likes the new logo. Now it truly represents what we do, he-he. Plus, this design distinguishes us from others! No one will doubt, that we develop games about big, strong dogs. Ok-ok, not just dogs! But the main message, I think, is clear.

Stay tuned, woof-woof.


Run_Kitty_Trial_1.0.1 [PC_MAC_LINUX].zip 154 MB
Feb 14, 2020

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I-It's definitely bigger~ O/////O

Arrrgh, seems you like it so much!

Well~ I don't mind having bigger bois~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)