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I purchased the game and it downloaded to my computer files and I cannot open it, help?  

What the system do you use? Linux, Mac OS, Windows?


Looking forward to Android version after your rest 🤞


It has been released, so please try it!

Well this looks like a fun demo so far.

Thank you so much for kind words!

Is Richard the only love interest?, what species is Richard? a cat? a Canine?


The game is short, so the Richard is the only one. You can play the demo and find out who is Richard really!

I love what I've seen so far. Lovely graphics, lively backgrounds, etc... I'd love to play the VN but, there seems to be a problem that pops up when I played for a bit the day before yesterday. There seems to be a lot of lagging when it comes to opening up the save/load/options menu. (One instance it got stuck like that until I had no choice but forcibly close the game) I don't know why this happens, but I tried other VN's I have and this only happened with your VN. Could you look into this? 

First time to hear about that issue. I don't have it on my PC, what the environment you play? Not emulator?

Windows 7 x86 32 bit netbook. 

Can you please record a video of that moment? I think I need to send it to RenPy developer...

I'll try but I won't be able until the weekend. Also I don't know if itch supports video sent via these messages... 

You can send it to, thanks!

would an android version come out?


Yeah, later. I am just so tired that I need a rest... :)

Неужели я дождался?! Неужели этот момент настал? Момент, когда VN начали делать с русским языком! До вчерашнего дня и думать боялся, что когда-то появится сие чудо! Демо-версия - на высшем уровне (главный плюс, конечно же, за наличие русского:D) Вообще раньше приходилось долго допытываться до того, что от тебя требуется, а сейчас - просто и приятно:З

Просто наслаждение:)

Рады, что вам понравилось, спасибо :)


I played the demo in English and the text size was HUGE! The dialogue kept going above the UI and would even get partially cut off by the bottom of the screen. The Russian dialogue didn't have this issue so I don't know what's going on. Here are some screenshots to show what I mean:

I have a few other screenshots but this should get the idea across well enough. I played through a few lines of the game in Russian and that seemed to fix the text sizing, but I figured it would be good to at least mention that this happened.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the game! It's still a bit rough around the edges in terms of story and characters, but it has some real potential! I'll be looking forward to the full release!

Text Size In Setting :

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Thanks, this is really strange bug, we will try to fix it and release new update. You can't understand, when it happens? I played the English version right now, and it seems OK. 

Changing slide in "text size" helps or not?

UPD. We updated the game to 1.0.1 version, fixing that bug. Please, try it!

Yeah, the problem seemed to fix itself after I ran the 1.0 version game in Russian, and the 1.0.1 version doesn't seem to have the problem either.

When I downloaded the initial 1.0 version of the game, it had me choose between English and Russian for the game language when I ran the game for the first time, and I chose English. If I had to guess, that's probably where the bug came from. Maybe whatever code was used to size and position the text didn't account for the game language being set to English (rather than Russian) when the application was first run? I don't know, though; I'm not exactly a programming expert.

Still, everything's running smoothly now, so I guess it's all good!

starting the exe. my comps security automatically deletes it saying a "sonar" program is a risk O.o

Incredible, it's just RenPy game...

Intresting, can't wait to try it and Simon is really cute!

Oh, thank you so much!